New Year, New Events.

So it turns out I found writing a blog every week pretty much impossible. I find writing hard at the best of times and the last few months have flown by without a free moment to spare. Now it’s a new year it seems like a good time to get back into the blog writing. Hopefully, I can try and write with a little more frequency than last year.

I’d thought I’d kick off the year by writing about our first event of the year. A private party for a 30th birthday at a stunning venue in East Sussex with amazing far reaching views over the Sussex High Weald. It was an incredible backdrop to cook against. I was really frustrated that I had dropped my phone in a pot of boiling water only a few days previous so I couldn't take any pictures or videos to share.

It was great to get back out cooking again after what seems like ages being stuck inside. On the menu, a stunning piece of Beef Rib cooked slowly over the fire for about 7 hours. Turning every 30 minutes or so to get a nice even cook. Once cooked I sliced them into individual Ribs and grilled them on the Chapa with plenty of butter. I love grilled meat but there's something about Steak in butter that's a perfect marriage and I like to get the best of both world. The Beef was served with Yukon Gold Potatoes from Morghew Potato farm 10 miles away. Onions cooked in the embers and then grilled on the Chapa and Carrots cooked dirty in the coals and then roasted in spices. All cooked over local Oak from a sustainable source.

For dessert was Pineapples that had been hung above the fire all day and basted in a Rum Syrup. I then sliced them and caramelised them on the Chapa in butter, sugar and more Rum. Served with sweetened Yogurt, Toasted Pistachio, Pomegranate and Lime.

For afters, I buried some Mont D'Or cheese in the dying embers until gooey and runny and the box slightly charred and burnt. Served with the usual cheese accompaniments. A great end to the days cooking and the clients happy, merry and full to the brim.

Last year was a tough one with so many things going on and I'm sure this one will provide its own challenges but it was great to get the new year off to a perfect start. On to the next one....